Why do FORM?

A leadership accelerator, FORM provides high accountability for change, cohort learning, and a unique team of marketplace, missions, and ministry leaders to broaden the experience. 

What’s the Curriculum? 

Full-faced exposure to the character and competencies of Jesus; from time management and conflict resolution, to finances, forgiveness, scripture study, hearing God’s voice, and disciple making. 

Opportunities for ministry overseas, and involvement in every Kansas City-based 3dm workshop through the year!

Does it cost money?

Yes it does!

$1,500 per person

$250 for a spouse. 

Discount available for Gathering Network Covenant Partners, and LTP Alumni.

Why does it cost money? 

Just like college (remember college?) tuition covers resources, admin and, unlike college, entry to all 3dm training through your FORM training!

FORM will mean a lot more to you when you’re invested in being there. Finances are the smallest of the five capitals (spiritual, relational, physical, intellectual, and financial) that we’ll be asking you to invest. Don’t flake out on the easy one:)

What else do I need to do?

Attend a minimum 90% of weekly training nights, be in a mentor relationship (we can help), begin serving in a missional context through your church, disciple others, and be willing to shift the way you live to conform to God’s direction. 

When is it? 

FORM is every Thursday night (minus holiday weeks) from September 10, until mid-May. 

What about married people? 

The first applicants we ever had were married (and they still are!). If you’re married you really want to be doing this together. We’ll give your spouse a crazy discount to make this possible. 

How do I apply? 

Apply online at our handy application page. Your application is free, and you’ll be contacted to schedule an interview to make sure this is right for you, and for us. After a successful interview, you’ll need to make a first payment of at least $250 by August 31.