"FORM" ".....be not conformed but transFORMed..."

"Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transFORM you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will know what God wants you to do, and you will know how good and pleasing and perfect his will really is." Romans 12:2 

The purpose of FORM is to bring a high level of support and challenge around two questions young leaders are asking:

What am I supposed to do with my future?

How do I get free from some of my past?

Goals of FORM:

To accelerate growth in discipleship and personal development, and bring further clarity of gifts and callings in life.

To develop missional movement leaders with the character and competencies of Jesus to lead others in discipleship and mission (discipleship groups and missionary living).

To equip with the skills necessary to develop healthy relationships and families in the challenges of today's fast paced, rapidly changing culture.

Dates and Schedule:

FORM runs October 4th, 2018 through May 2nd, 2019

We meet weekly: Thursdays from 6 pm to 9:00 pm

Through FORM someone would:

Finish with a PDP (Personal Development Plan) including:

Learn multiple assessment tools to identify personal skills, interests, gifts, and personality.

Receive training in life and ministry skills from national and international seasoned practitioners.

Network for future immersion experiences with other FORM students.

Through FORM a student will learn:

Rest and rhythm

Time management

Conflict management

Healthy family practices

Personal financial management

Forgiveness and healing over past hurts

FORM teaches these life and ministry skills:

Hearing, and being led by, the voice of God

Scripture study

Missional leadership

Disciple making

Devotional living

Who's eligible?

Minimum Age: 18

Have a mentor in the church or ministry where you serve. Someone else that knows you are going through FORM and can be an avenue of support and encouragement.

We ask FORM students to:

Be well rooted in a church community. 

Be honest and willing to be challenged in your personal life.

Work or be in school.

Disciple others (move to discipling others in 2019 if not already).

Have 90% participation in weekly FORM training: October 2018–May 2019.

Serve in a local church ministry, non-profit, or missional community.

2018–2019 Costs:

Tuition: $1000/student
Spouse cost: $250

$250 deposit due upon acceptance, no later than September 30th

Balance, minus deposit, is divided over 8 months (October through May) = $93.75/month for an individual student
$125/month for a married couple

Expect to commit a minimum of 3+ hours/week of training and preparation not including missional or immersion experiences in your own context (Young Life, missional community, or other places of service).

To insure a high level of personal care, assessment, and coaching;
spots are limited.

Next Steps:

1. Apply

2. Interview with a team member